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injustice mod apk :-  Gods Among Us is the Persian (Injustice: Gods Among Us) signifies the title of this Sport is super cute and images for Android mobiles with action and fighting style in Tekken similar style games, and Mortal Combat poly station, but with the distinction that this Sport is quite scenic and breathtaking graphics and gameplay is very smooth and interesting. Another characteristic of this game is also associated with the existence of a variety of famous characters inside.








injustice mod apk :- Are you prepared to compete with the actual forces of superheroes? Collect your super team and engage in combat. In 1 series you are able to fight as villains and heroes. It will be a hard battle 3 .




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The game’s display without sacrificing the standard Of masterpiece, the role of stunning skills in the slightly dark background, it’s even more brilliant, character modeling details also showed a very high standard. Fist in the game, with vigorous blow audio, the epic atmospheric background audio, so that the experience of this game picture is quite good.



The game uses a 3V3 battle mode, the Operation, the signature using a point patternas far as you can to simplify the performance, especially as follows: click on the display faucet, left / right swipe, double-click for protection, click on the role Avatar to switch (with cooling period ), in addition, after the end of the continuation of this screen prompts to complete the corresponding gestures may launch a little end technologies, and click on the energy value will soon launch nirvana, nirvana performance Gestures into complete



Heroes from the game, every hero has just two Versions, the normal version and the rebel / ruler version. Players may get new personalities by fighting or buying directly from the store. Each battle in the sport will consume some energy. You can find the recharge card by finishing the amount, or await a time period to automatically restore physical strength. Shops can not just purchase heroes, but also purchase support cards, each having a special support card which permanently increases your health or harm by 10 percent or generates energy during combat. The support card works for many versions of a character at precisely the same time, just buy it once. The skills in the game may also enhance the level, the effect of each update are extremely clear, but the necessity to consume considerable quantities of gold.




The strong heroes of this game have to invest A good deal of gold to purchase. When a powerful hero hand, all the experience, are so relaxed and refreshing, the jolt brought by this game is still excellent.


How To set up?

1. Download the Program once directly from Google Play
2. Goto /sdcard/Android/OBB change to

4. Uninstall App &
5. Download right mod version
6. Go to telephone settings -> security -> enable check for Unknown sources
7. Install mod.






33 Mb Apk File




1.3 Gb Obb File


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